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What is Wellness?

Some may say that “wellness” is absence of disease. I would go further. Dive deeper into the root of what it means to be “well” and “whole”. To be well and whole, we must also feel good: mentally, emotionally, and physically.

Ask yourself how and what you are feeding your greatest asset. What kind of foods do you fuel it with? What kind of things do you watch or read? What is your relationship with your physical body—do you schedule time to get into your body and move in ways that feel good? I pose this perspective because “75-90 percent of all visits to primary care physicians are stress related problems”. “It is widely known and accepted in the medical community that learned behaviors and lifestyle choices are major contributors to illness and diminished quality of life.”

Instead of fixating on diagnosis and treatment, a wellness lifestyle focuses on education, self-awareness, and prevention. My/Your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, habits, and choices fuel the fires of inflammation, pain, toxicity, and illness in the body. Given the appropriate tools, your body can heal itself. Learn how to serve and restore your body for extraordinary, unique “Wellness”.

"Make time for you; You're worth it"


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