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Building a Healthy Relationship with Food

There is controversy in the wellness community about what is “good” to eat and what is “bad”. The truth is there is not one way to eat. There is not one food group you must indulge into the most or the least. Every body is different.

Ask yourself questions. Without giving an abrupt answer to yourself, let the question resonate.

Why am I eating this?

How does this make me feel before, during, and after eating?

What do I like to eat?

Do I eat when I am hungry?

Do I wait too long to eat?

What would I like to try?

Where does this food come from?

Do I cook or order out? Why?

These questions invite intention behind eating/fueling. None of these answers you have for yourself are neither bad nor good. Just notice what your thought patterns, actions/reactions, or feelings are when talking about food.

I have always had this innate habit to leave a few swallows of whatever I am drinking in my cup. It used to drive my parents nuts. I think it still does. I believe some unhealthy food habits come from fear of there not being more, being told to finish everything on your plate, what time to eat, how to eat, and social pressure of what is and is not “okay”. I invite you to find what works well for you. Find that sweet spot so that you can love food as much as I do.

"Make time for you; You’re worth it."


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